Mothering the Mother.

The postpartum period is often referred to as the fourth trimester. Having a postpartum doula can tremendously impact your recovery. By providing quality services, helping the families in our community is my priority.

I am confident that the extra support and unique experiences a postpartum doula can provide will be an asset to you and your families well being.

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My Services

Postpartum Baby Care

Providing support and information about infant feeding practices, helping calm your newborn and providing any additional support for care of baby. We love the little ones.

Postpartum Mother Care

Physical support is crucial in those first few weeks after birth, but so is emotional support. Advocating for mom, promoting self care and providing light housework are just a few examples.

Family Care

Whether this is your first baby or fourth, our focus is also placed on your family. Helping older siblings adjust, as well as supporting your relationship with your partner all help with your recovery.